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To all BJJers, 

We're all stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, with no gym to visit or partners to train with, but that doesn't mean we have to stop training jiu jitsu!

At NS/BJJ Edinburgh, we are streaming live classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday lunchtime, the same times our classes would normally be running. 

Classes are currently streamed live on our Facebook page and hosted on Zoom App. To participate on Zoom, you can email us, join our mailing list, or check our Facebook page for the meeting ID.

You can watch our previously streamed classes below:


Increase your fitness, agility, flexibility, strength and BJJ skills!

Adults, kids, families, experienced players and complete beginners; our classes are designed for all to enjoy and benefit from.

Every session follows the same format, so you know exactly what to expect:

  1. Warm Up, Mobility, BJJ Basic Movements

  2. MMA/BJJ/Judo High Intensity Interval (HIIT) Workouts

  3. BJJ Technique Solo Flows  


Payment to attend the classes via Zoom is completely optional. If you are facing financial hardship or uncertainty due to the ongoing crisis, you're welcome to join in for free.


If you are already helping support your current clubs and gyms while they are forced to remain closed, especially ones that I belong to or have taught at before (New School BJJ London, Tokei Judo & BJJ, Edinburgh Judo, Leverage Combat Academy), then please don't pay. 


Also, if you are a frontline worker putting your health on the line for the safety of others, I insist you don't pay. The least we can do is try to help keep as many people as possible fighting fit during this challenging period. 


However, if you simply feel compelled to contribute, our suggested donation fee is £5 per Zoom session. Or, if you'd rather pay for multiple classes upfront, we suggest £10 for a week (3 x classes), or £25 for a month (12 x classes).  

Click below to donate: 

Alternatively, if you'd still like to donate but can't afford the above amounts, feel free to contact us. 


All proceeds made will be shared with the LifeCare Centre, Edinburgh. LifeCare is a charity and community centre that supports the elderly and vulnerable community in our local neighbourhood. Most of our BJJ classes are normally held at their centre, and they rely on the rent we and other clubs and societies pay them to finance their services, so we will be continuing to contribute to them as much as we can.

For more personalised, one-on-one sessions, I also offer private online classes. Click here for more info.   

See you in the Zoom room!

 Si Tutton

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