Led by black belt instructor Si Tutton, NS/BJJ Edinburgh is the latest branch of one of the UK’s longest-running Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academies, London-based New School BJJ (formerly known as BJJ School). With classes held in both the Stockbridge and Meadowbank areas of Edinburgh, NS/BJJ Edinburgh is a small club with big ambitions that hopes to introduce as many people as possible to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and its abundant physical and mental benefits.

Whether an experienced BJJ practitioner or a complete novice, our classes are designed to be accessible, rewarding and challenging for all levels. While many BJJ academies tend to focus on either jiu jitsu for self-defence or on competition-focussed sports jiu jitsu, here at NS/BJJ we prefer to cover both.


We pride ourselves on teaching easy-to-learn, immediately effective jiu jitsu moves and techniques as well as remaining on the cutting edge of our rapidly evolving sport. While following our comprehensive White to Blue Belt beginners curriculum, students will learn those core concepts and positions of BJJ, that includes developing invaluable close-counters combat and self defence skills. Beyond the basics, we continue to teach and explore the more complex, ever-evolving world of modern jiu jitsu while encouraging our members to discover their own individual style, and ultimately, sense of self expression. 


Typical classes will begin with a warm up consisting of functional movements, mobility flows and increasing intensity bodyweight exercises.

A fundamental technique, concept or position will then be taught and workshopped with the class before advancing to drilling a specific submission or sequence with a partner.

Finally, all classes end with some sparring, whether semi-resistant in set positions or, once experienced enough, fully-resistant ‘open rolling’. 


To end, we’ll warm down our bodies with a series of stretches and then our minds with a moment of breathing and still recovery.


Click below to read more about NS/BJJ Edinburgh founder and black belt instructor, Si Tutton.

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